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Cindy L. Morley, Accrediated Bridal Consultant


We've all been there as a little girl dreaming of your wedding day, fantazising about finding your prince charming riding in on a horse drawn carriage as you ride off in an extra stretch limousine into the sunset living happily ever after.

 Now that you are all grown up and have found your prince charming you are wanting to create those little girl dreams that you had ...but are not sure how to make it all happen, where to have it, how much is it going to cost and who's going to take care of all the details while you're getting your hair/makeup and nails done all the while not having to stress about when the vendors are arriving, are they dropping off the right items for my event, when is the food being served, how are the chair covers/ties being put on then who's taking them off and keeping all the vendors contracts intact with their contract timelines.

Look no further than the time and experience in which I have put into every event that I have had the pleasure of creating.  Hence my new tagline...Creating One Event...One Moment at a Time...Yours

I've had  been in the industry since high school starting out on social committiees for the junior & senior proms in the planning process then ending up in the food & beverage industry while attending college to then working my way to up a Country Club Manager where special events were a daily occurrence requiring me to plan-create and execute them all..

 Once I decided to start a family the 90/100 hours per week where not going to be at all flexible with a family on the way, it is then that I decided that Weddings is where I need to focus my full-time attention to as a career as well as assisting with a few caterers in the area as their banquet manager when and where needed.

It's in 2005 that I decided to take it one step further by researching how to become a member of the Association of Bridal Consultant  a very elite group of over 4000 wedding planners in the world along with celebrity planners like Preston Bailey-Colin Cowie-David Tutera & Sylvia Weinstock to just name a few...which I have had the pleasure of meeting over the years at my National ABC Conferences in a variety of states hosting the event around the USA.  Requiring us to uphold a code of ethics as well as being required continued education credits in order to be a affiliated with the Association.  These qualities are what you need to know that separates me from a few of the other wedding planners that have just simply either planned their own weddings and think this is fun maybe I can do this to a few of those that have simply taken a few hour course online that have now become certified based on a few classes they have passed online with a certificate.  I believe that you need to walk the walk and talk the talk in regards to the expertise that you have in your field.  Having the time vested-knowledge obtained and the experience to expedite it all is yet again another reason hiring a veteran in the field is what allows me to be the one you should call. 

As I write this I am amazed that I am celebrating 25 years in the industry as I have heard that you should do what you love and love what you do and for that I have followed my passion.  Having been able to create endless memories that last a lifetime in the eyes of my clients.  My calendar usually consists of 8 to 12 weddings per year

I am one of a very few in the area that is licensed with the State of Florida and Insured with Hartford Insurance Agency as well having been a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants since 2005 which with my association allows exclusively to their wedding planners access to be affilitated with Sandals/Beaches for your Luxury All-Included honeymoon destinations.

It would be my great honor to be chosen to be able to assist you in the planning process in creating the wedding of your dreams. 

If you are interested in having a consultation to discuss your vision-budget and ideas it would be my pleasure to meet with all those that are involved in the planning process for a 2 hour meeting at your earliest convenience.

I look forward to being able to Create your EVENTFUL MOMENTS that'll last a lifetime

References available upon request 



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