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Cindy Morley, Accrediated Bridal Consultant

My speciality is assisting you in the "FULL" planning process of your wedding, from vendor selection, colors, style and food to the honeymoon and everything in between. Or should you choose for the "DAY OF" when you have already chosen all the team players and are just looking to be able to enjoy the days events.  Over the last 25 years I've gathered the best of the best in the industry as part of my team taking the guesswork out of whose who for you, especially when you are on a budget.  Why would you want to do all the research and make unnecessary appointments to just find out that these particular vendors don't fit into your budget. Your thoughts need to be set on your dress, family and just being engaged.  I truly value each and every member of the team as I am only as good as those that I surround myself with... staking my reputation on it.


You will never have to worry about the contracts or the behind the scenes action.  I will make sure that you are getting what you paid for and more.  As they say, "Do what you love and love what you do and then get paid for it."  The perks of all my longterm relationships with my vendors benefit both as most of them are willing to apply a discount to your account for just working with me that you would of not have been able to obtain on your own.  Giving you the best of both worlds and when they take off 10% here and $100 off there, honeslty most times the savings with them pay for my service fees.


I cover the Treasure Coast between Martin & St. Lucie & Indian River and North Palm Beach Counties only as to keep the green close to home and to give those that live and work here the chance to succeed as well.


The hiring of a wedding coordinator is no longer thought of as a luxury but is considered an essential part to a well planned affair.  Not only do we see to every detail that you have envisioned it then gives you the peace of mind that the hiring of a professional alleviates Mom-Grandma-Girlfriend-Aunt from the 8 to 14 hour day that I put into your day...Allowing all of you to enjoy this once in a lifetime event.

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